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Residential generators are vital to many homeowners and provide a sense of security while providing power generation for medical equipment, refrigeration, heat and light ensuring the home is safe, 


Commercial generators are vital to a number of safety systems including emergency lighting, rescue services, refrigeration and heat.  In many cases, building or health codes may require such generators.


 Because of their importance, it is recommended for standby generators to be maintained on a regular schedule, and repaired or replaced if necessary.





Having a home EV (electric vehicle) charging station or EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) is somewhat like having your own gas pump at home. However, you don’t have to worry about it blowing up your house or causing you health problems. Also, you can just plug in when you get home and then unplug when you next leave. No need to wait while it charges.


 Preparing a home for electric vehicle charging requires the collaboration of several parties to help our mutual customers make the right decisions for their personal situations.  Osgood Electric has this experience and can assist you with your installation.


 Proper installation will ensure safe and reliable charging for your customer.   The process may include installing a dedicated circuit for EV charging, installing an EV charging station, upgrading an existing electrical panel, or adding a second electrical panel, meter socket box and/or two-meter socket panel to accommodate separate EV metering.   Installing this equipment is optional and depends on the SCE rate plan the customer enrolls in and the level at which the customer chooses to charge the vehicle (120 volts or 240 volts). 


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