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Repair services and requirements can be proactive or reactive.    Osgood Electric provides repair services to customers in the Western Mass area including trouble shooting, repair/replacement of services and equipment and repairs based on home inspections.   If you have switches, dimmers, lights that flicker or outlets that don’t work or spark, call Osgood Electric to make the repairs, we will ensure it is done correctly.


residential ELECTRICAL services

At Osgood Electric, we know that your home is your most important investment.  Safe and efficient electrical systems and components are critical to the function and safety of your home.  Whether you need help with a remodel, renovation or new construction, we will take the time to offer ideas and solutions to meet you electrical needs.  Our technicians will treat your home like it’s our own, always considering safety inside and out.



The success and stability of your business depends on the safety and reliability of the electrical system in your commercial facility. At Osgood Electric, we provide you with the best service because we know that you expect the best.  We are aware of how important your business is to you and work closely with business owners in Western Mass to create cost-effective commercial electrical systems that promote maximum productivity and energy efficiency.  You can also rely on Osgood Electric to be there when you are ready to renovate or expand your business!


exterior lighting installation & maintenance


Our residential and commercial customers hire us to take care of their exterior lighting needs for a variety of reasons. Outside lighting is used for anything from convenience, to aesthetics, to security. Exterior lighting fixtures are readily available at home improvement stores, but these products are rarely made to last as long as professionally installed lighting. In order to minimize the risk of property damage and injury, it’s recommended that exterior lighting installation in Western Mass is done only by qualified electricians who have a thorough knowledge of wiring and which fixtures will work best in their particular environment.

Osgood Electric, Inc. is a fully qualified electrical contractor with years of experience in all fields of electrical work. We can help you decide on the best type of exterior lighting for your home or business, even combining features such as beauty with security, to add value as well as functionality for all your lighting needs. We’re licensed and insured to protect your investment, and we guarantee our work.


standby generators – residential & commercial


Standby generators are a staple wherever and whenever there are critical systems or equipment that relies on a constant supply of electricity.  Businesses have historically utilized standby generators to ensure that they are operational in low power or power outage situations.  Because people rely on an increasing variety of electric appliances, standby power is becoming more popular with residences.  These generators are an important power source in the New England area where temporary power outages are a common occurrence. 

Consider that standby power is an emergency tool that must respond when required and as such need regular maintenance.  Breakdowns of this equipment also occur necessitating service by an electrician.  Maintenance or repair of this critical and expensive piece of business or personal equipment can be trusted to Osgood Electric, an electrical contractor who can install, maintain, repair and offer advice on the different types of standby generators for this area. 


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